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After decades of pairing musicians with quality instruments, offering rental credits, and friendly service to all, teachers continue to insist on the knowledge and experience offered by  Mark Edwards and Matt Lane.

Enthusiasts and professionals alike trust Lane & Edwards for exquisite work, prompt turnaround, 100% purchase trade-ins, and unmatched bow rehairing.

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Diederik van Wassenaer

“New to town and just got an amazing rehair and a fingerboard adjustment. Matt consulted with me for a soundpost adjustment, and I’m so glad I did. Once I picked up my violin I was very pleased to see that Matt had cleaned my bridge as well. I’m a happy customer!”

Michel Samson

“Mark recently rehaired a rare violin bow for me and I was quite impressed by the skill, professionalism, and care he demonstrated with such a delicate task. It’s wonderful to have an experienced local source for bow and instrument maintenance. Both Matt and Mark have a serious interest in important historic luthiers and bow makers and I enjoy stopping by their shop to share information. Wishing Lane & Edwards Violins continued success and a bright future as they provide an important resource for the community and its musicians.”

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