Fine Violin, Viola, and Cello Bows

We offer quality student and intermediate bows at low price points, as well as high-quality, hand-crafted bows at price points that are accessible to even the most modest of budgets for those musicians who are looking to upgrade. Did you know that professional musicians sometimes spend a third or more of their instrument’s value on a bow? A bow is an important part of string playing, and there are many nuanced aspects of fine bows that make each one a bit different from any other. At Lane & Edwards, we’re committed to pairing you with the best bow for your instrument.

Please call Lane & Edwards Violins at (502) 690-5908 for prices on items.

Student & Intermediate Bows ($50-300)

We offer student and intermediate bows at accessible prices for those just beginning their musical journey as a string player. We offer the following options:

Basic Wood Bows – Basic wooden student bows are a great place to start when you want functionality but don’t want to break the bank! All of our student instrument outfits come bundled with a quality wooden bow. These bows come in many different sizes, fitted to you or your student.

Carbon Fiber Bows – More durable and well-balanced than a basic wooden bow, carbon fiber bows (of which we offer two versions – straight and braided carbon fiber) offer an excellent alternative to more expensive bows.

Wood/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Bows – Want the look of a wooden bow, but the durability of a carbon fiber bow? Try a carbon fiber/wood hybrid bow. With a veneer of choice Brazilian woods and a carbon fiber core, these bows offer durability and visual appeal all in one.

Intermediate Wooden Bows – Ready to upgrade to a wooden bow with a little bit more to offer than our other student and intermediate options? Great! We have many options, and we want to pair you with the best bow for your instrument.  Options include both high grade Brazilwood and Medium grade Pernambuco.

Professional Bows ($500- $3500)

We offer professional bows from some of the finest workshops in Brazil, including Sousa Bows and L’archet Brasil. These bows are handmade from start to finish by a single individual, and stamped with the maker’s name. When you purchase a handmade bow from Lane & Edwards Violins, you can feel good knowing you’re holding a one-of-a-kind work of art.    

The representatives of these makers call on us personally usually arriving with more than 100 bows in different grades.  Mark and Matt spend hours evaluating each bow to ensure we only get the best of the best.  We do the leg work for you.

Some of the makers:

                    Manuel Francisco                                              Juliiano Oliveira                                                 Jose Periera