We do our best to acquire older, high quality, hand made Instruments.  Many of these are rare and made by one person or in a small shop.   We authenticate them when possible as to their provenance and value. 


Below are examples of current offerings.


                                                           Meiuradus Frank  1821, Tyrol $12,000




                                          Robert Glier, Wurlitzer Cincinnati 1908 $4,000




                                                           F. Holmolka 1850 Prague  $9,000  SOLD




                   John Juzek, “Master Art”  Gagliano model.  1910  Czech  $10,000




                                                     D,B Rockwell, 1912 New York  $8000




                                   John Widelski 2008, Eastport, Main  $8,000




                                        Joseph Dalagio, Mantua  1827 $3200  SOLD



E Reinhold Schmidt,  Markneukirchen, Germany  1932  Ruggieri model